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Welcome to Strong Bros Contracting Ltd.

Welcome to Strong Bros General Contracting, a leader in the world of construction management and the solid foundation to the Strong Group of Companies. As the world markets have grown in response to inspired innovation and enormous advances in technology so has the “Strong” name.

We are advancing into new sectors and opportunities in Canada and abroad! While we diversify our expertise, we strengthen our credibility in these new markets, creating global partnerships and most importantly additional clients. The application of our fundamental business principals to our new opportunities is integral for maintaining our integrity.

Why Us

Our projects excel because our project managers and in situ staff, guide the process of every project and our team members are trained to perform in even the most difficult positions. Our experience has taught us how to keep projects moving forward even in the most precarious situations..

What We Do

With any project no matter how diverse, we are devoted to achieving the highest standard of quality for our clients. Client achievements are at the heart of the Strong Bros story.


A large part of the success of our business comes from the precision expertise of our Subcontractors. At Strong Bros we treat our Subcontractors as extensions of our own organization and we are continually striving to improve our subcontractor relationships to allow for improved performance and product.