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Health & Saftey


From the office to the project site and everywhere in between, safety is fundamental to our everyday philosophy.  Strong Bros is dedicated to operating and maintaining projects with safety as the number one priority. It is our belief that Health and Safety practices come before all aspects of construction including schedules, profits and clients.

Through the development and implementation of our Health & Safety Program, we have established a system of site safety practices, processes and procedures, providing the framework for all employees to fulfil their individual and collective safety responsibilities. The effectiveness of our Health & Safety program is dependent upon the active participation and strong commitment by everyone in our organization, at every level of the construction process.

With the challenges of General Contracting forever diversifying, we work to be proactive by addressing health and safety concerns through consistent education, management, and review of our safety program. Strong Bros will strive to continuously improve our health and safety program, in our determination to attain our ultimate goal of an injury and accident free work environment.

Maintaining this standard is our top priority and we expect and assist all employees, Subcontractors and Associates with our company to be actively engaged in achieving these safety initiatives.